Pizzas- Forever BAE!

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March 16, 2018
Origin of Pasta
March 21, 2018

Pizzas- Forever BAE!

Pizza- It understands you, it loves you for the way you are, it never judges you, it’s the ultimate comfort food (after chocolate, obviously!) You can eat a Pizza at any given moment of your life, at any milestone- eases your pain when you are going through a horrible break-up (you know it’s horrible!), celebrates with you when you achieve something; you can eat it when you are angry, sad & dejected; you can eat it in various ways- scones, cones, triangular, puff pockets, pull-apart stuffed buns, cookies, pies, pizza tarts, pizza samosa (weird, I know!); single-topping, multi-topping, pepperoni, Chicago-style-all-meat deep crust, thin-crust, vegan cauliflower crust, wood-fire crust (the best, I tell you!), assorted pizzas like- Kale pizza, Nutella Pizza, Shrimp & Meat stuffed Pizza, Gluten-Free Pizza (who likes that one anyway?)…… phew!!! options are endless…

At Cafe L2L, we make delicious Pizzas which are really loved by all our customers.
Want to know which Pizzas we serve? Visit our website or call on 9910130279.

Finally…. needless to say, PIZZA IS BAE!

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