Origin of Pasta

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March 16, 2018

Origin of Pasta

Pasta! Originally said it’s from Italy, but actually, it’s dated back from really, really early years from… CHINA!?
Apparently, Pasta was discovered in China early as 5000 BC by Marco Polo, when he ate it at the court of Kubla Khan. The production of pasta dates back to 400 BC and you can easily find its evidence on the Etruscan tombs in the form for carvings. Strange, na?
Speaking of discovery & introduction, who do you think introduced Pasta to the States? No, not Polo, but it was the 3rd President of the US, Late Mr. Thomas Jefferson, back in 1789. He fell in love with a dish made with macaroni in Naples and quickly ordered crates of macaroni along with a pasta-making machine. Just imagine…. eating Pasta for a royal dinner, with that entire cutlery!
Oh & speaking about cutlery, in the Middle Ages, Italians would have been shocked to see diners using anything except a wooden spike to twirl up their noodles. Also, in the ancient times, it was a practice to eat pasta with hands as there weren’t any sauces in the dish.

When the tomato sauce was introduced with the pasta, it became difficult to eat with hands and so came the usage of cutlery!
And, hang on! How many types of Pasta do you know? Macaroni, Spaghetti, Penne, Fettuccini and…. That’s it?
Well, you’ll be shocked to know that as per International Pasta Organization (IPO), (which is, FYI, the nodal agency dedicated to PASTA), this food comes in more than 600 shapes. Based on different regions of countries, pasta’s name changes as well and there are 1300 different pasta names that you can find across the world.
You can eat it sweet –

… and we’re not even talking about novelty chocolate pasta. There are many established pasta desserts that won’t get you sniffed at by an Italian.
How about fried angel hair topped with honey and pistachios? Or almond ravioli stuffed with ricotta and orange zest?

and ever wondered how do the Italians look so slim, even at the age of 50, 60? Well…. it’s Pasta.  Various health benefits have been attributed to pasta over the years, more or less convincingly. Italian researchers found convincing evidence that people who eat a lot of pasta are less likely to be overweight, which they attribute to its part in the famous Mediterranean diet of fresh vegetables and olive oil.
Another study showed that eating barley pasta could help to make the heart more resilient to heart attacks.
And many nutritionists claim that eating carbohydrates such as pasta increases levels of serotonin, the body’s happiness chemical.
In any case, what’s indisputable is that pasta-guzzling Italians live longer than almost anyone else. That’s good enough for us.

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