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Our signature dishes add a touch of unique elegance and boast culinary excellence that have come to represent Cafe L2L flavour profile.Making this exclusive list of delicacies are Sandwiches, Omelettes, Beans, Burger, Pizza, Pasta, Maggie, Beverages, Shakes and Cafe L2L Signature Biryani, Fried Rice & French Fries.

Our Mission

To connect all visitors to not only dining experience but also building relations in the same way as ingredients are connected to the food.

Our Vision

To provide a unique and different experience to our customers through a personal touch catering to scrumptious & delicious food.

Lovely Worlds to Show

  • Jenny(From Colombia)
    Good food ,customer service excellent ,as a foreing is important for me that waiterss speak english , clean and washrooms clean too.
    Jenny(From Colombia)
  • Praveen
    Great food, clean and good place and also good customer service/support.
  • Tanuj
    Really Loved the food here best services.
  • Edvando(from Colombia)
    Excellent food, clean and nice place wonderful staff.
    Edvando(from Colombia)
  • Catalina(from Colombia)
    Great Place! Really good food, lovely people everything is clean and the flavour of the food is amazing really good choice in NOIDA
    Catalina(from Colombia)
  • Mohit
    Most yummy sandwiches i have ever had! fun place  to be at anytime of the day!
  • Lucas B.
    L2L is a good place! Good service, good food
    Lucas B.
  • Danish
    This is the place , i was looking for cool place, superb quality nice service and hygienic.
  • Ishmael
    The place is hygienic,good customer service and the food is superb.
  • Harpreet
    Indeed delicious yummy bites grills are just too good. and very friendly environment. excellent staff with top grade services strongly recommended.
  • Thierry
    L2L has some amazing dishes and continental food, very  nice people around and friendly .specially tania who  does here best to make people feel confortable and enjoy the L2L's food .
  • Anu
    I have had a delicacies sandwich here.it taste very nice and hot so spicy.the place is nice and happy and people here one friendly.

Corporate/Group Events

Whatever your occasion, We makes it one to remember!

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